An Exploration of the Work of D.W. Winnicott

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This event is running from 1 March 2018 until 19 April 2018. It is next occurring on March 1, 2018 7:30 pm

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“An Exploration of the Work of D.W. Winnicott”

Speaker: Peter Dales, RP, BA



This course will focus on Winnicott’s cogent and compelling theory of early emotional development and on an examination of special topics from Winnicott’s writings: the true and false self; the anti-social tendency; creativity; Winnicott’s “Definition of Psychotherapy”, transitional objects, potential space and use of an object; Winnicott’s treatment of children; and the clinical usefulness of Winnicott.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand Winnicott’s developmental theory
  • Integrate a working knowledge of Winnicott’s theory and clinical practice
  • Apply Winnicott’s notions of the therapeutic set-up, of the “holding” and safe environment
  • Understand that the therapeutic relationship in adult therapy, in important ways, reflects the dyad of the “good-enough” mother and baby
  • Understand that the result of the therapeutic process is to help patients become “more real, more alive, more creative and more true to themselves”.

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About the Presenter

Peter Dales RP, BA has been in private practice, working with adult individuals, couples and groups in the psychoanalytic psychotherapeutic modality for 45 years and has been on the faculty of the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy (CTP) (Toronto) for 31 years. He is a guest member of the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society.